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What Homeowners Should Know About Retrofit Windows

It is estimated that 20% to 30% of heating and cooling in a home is lost through windows. Revealing how important windows are in a home and why they may need to be replaced.

Retrofit windows are a great option for anyone looking to replace their existing windows. As there will come a point where your windows may need an upgrade.

Windows need to be energy-efficient, which is why they are so important. But what is a retrofit window, and why is it a good option to look into?

Keep reading to find out why retrofit vinyl windows might be the right option for your home.

What Are Retrofit Windows?

A retrofit window is going to be a window that is installed into the existing window area. Instead of having to replace the entire window, resulting in a bigger project.

The old sill, frame, and trim will be left in place for the retrofit window. So this window will be custom fit to the existing window opening for a simpler process.

So when you choose this window option, you won’t be doing a full window replacement. As retrofit window installation is much more minimal, as only a part of the window is replaced.

This is an option that many homeowners go with as it can be ideal in many situations. Especially if you are on a budget but still need to replace your windows.

Why Are Retrofit Windows Popular?

A retrofit vinyl window is something that many homeowners may consider. Especially as it is not a full replacement, which is a much more extensive job.

Many homeowners may decide to go with this option due to several reasons. The most obvious is that this is a very budget-friendly option for replacing windows.

This will be cheaper as the entire window is not being replaced, just parts of it. So retrofit windows installation is a simpler job that is faster and requires fewer materials.

Even though it is custom fit to the existing window, it is still usually much cheaper. Making it perfect for when you need multiple windows replaced or one is damaged.

Though a retrofit window was a great option if you want a simpler process as well. You may not want to have to deal with a full window replacement.

As this is a lengthy process that is messy and can interfere with your home. Retrofit windows won’t take as long and are generally installed quickly with very little hassle.

Are Retrofit Windows Right for You?

Retrofit windows are a great option, but they may not be for everyone. If you are replacing windows in your home, you may want to go with a full replacement.

This may also not be a great option if some windows are significantly damaged or worn out. As the sill, trim, and frame need to be fully functional to work.

You may not be able to get energy-efficient windows if you do not replace the entire window. So this is something that homeowners should consider if their windows are old or damaged.

Though a retrofit window is often something to consider if you are on a tight budget. It can be extremely expensive to replace windows, and you may not have the funds.

Using this kind of window replacement can be one of the most budget-friendly options.

Retrofit Windows Pros and Cons

A retrofit window is a great option for many people looking to replace existing windows. As they have many benefits that can benefit homeowners, especially if they have a budget.

But this may not be the right choice for every home or every window. Which is why it is important to weigh the pros and cons regarding retrofit windows.


Retrofit windows are going to be significantly cheaper for homeowners. As the installation is easier and requires fewer materials and less labor.

It also preserves the original window opening in the home. So there is no need for demolition or any destruction to your home if that is a concern of yours.

Because the original window opening is left intact, this is a common option for older homes. As you do not want to damage the structure or lessen its property value.

Retrofit window installation is also considered to be more climate-friendly. As you are repurposing existing materials instead of scrapping the old window.

Some DIYers may even be able to attempt a retrofit window themselves if they have the experience. Though this isn’t always recommended if you want the job done right.


Retrofit windows are not going to always be the best solution for homeowners. Especially if the window is leaky or drafty, as that usually has to do with the frame or sill.

Because the frame and window opening itself can become worn down, this is important to consider. As retrofit windows may not be energy-efficient if the window already has issues.

Because a retrofit window is so easy to do, you need to choose a good company. As there are plenty of window installers, who may do this job incorrectly.

You want to go with a contractor who knows what they are doing and can give you advice. As you do not want to choose this kind of window if it isn’t the best option.

Retrofit Window Guide for Homeowners

If you need windows replaced in your home, you may have heard of retrofit windows. Especially if you are looking for a cheaper and easier alternative to replacing windows.

Do you want to replace a window with a retrofit window? Contact us today at Window King for retrofit vinyl window replacement options.

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