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What Is the Average Window Replacement Cost?

With most Americans spending over $3,000 each year on home maintenance costs, you might be looking for ways to save money. But if there’s one place where you don’t want to cut corners in your home, it’s your windows. Investing in durable and attractive windows can elevate your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

You’ll enjoy spending time indoors more, too. Read on to learn about the average window replacement cost!

Consider the Types of Windows

When you’re trying to determine the window replacement cost, one of the biggest factors impacting your bottom line is the type of window. The smaller and simpler the type of window is, the less expensive it will be to install. 

For instance, sliding or double-hung windows tend to be among the cheapest options. You can expect to spend under $200 on the low end, with higher-price options exceeding $500 for either choice.

Casement and picture windows also are on the lower end of the price spectrum. You may only spend $100 per window. But for larger versions of these windows, the price could approach $1,000. 

Some types of windows, such as skylights and bay windows, are especially hard to install. As a result, they could go over $2,000 for the cost. 

Factor in Frame Options

When you’re looking to replace windows, it’s critical to consider the type of frame, as well. This is the portion of your window that transitions from the window itself to the wall. 

If you’re looking for an option that’s easier on your budget, go with vinyl. With vinyl frames, you should be able to keep the cost of a frame under $1,000.

This resilient material can hold up well to the elements, and it won’t take much to maintain it. Just be aware that vinyl windows won’t offer the same level of visual polish that other materials will. 

For an upgrade, consider wood. With wood frames, you’ll get a sense of style that can be either traditional or modern, depending on the finish. Better yet, wood frames can stand up well to changes in temperature.

Be aware, however, that wood can get chips or splinter over time. You’ll need to keep an eye on this to avoid leaks or rotting issues. And as one of the more expensive options, wood frames can run over $1,000 for larger windows. 

Other window frame choices include fiberglass or composite. You’ll gain more durability with these frames, but you may need to spend over $1,000 to get them. Similarly, with composite windows, there’s a good chance you’ll spend around $1,000 per window for the level of durability.

Know How Glass Impacts the Cost

When you’re looking to install new windows, the glass will have an impact on cost. You can get fancier options like insulated glass if you’re looking for added insulation, for instance. With this kind of glass, multiple panes of glass have a space bar separating them for superior insulation. 

If you’re willing to pay a little more, you can opt for specialized glass. Some of these options are better at blocking heat, UV rays, and sound from entering your home. 

Tempered glass usually is recommended as one of the safest window options. It’s much stronger than regular glass, and it won’t break into large and dangerous shards. This type of glass is commonly found in vehicles. 

Laminated windows are another popular option. These windows won’t break into lots of pieces if a tree branch or something else strikes them. If you have multiple layers of laminated glass, these windows should stay in place and just form a crack. 

You also could consider low-emittance (Low-E) glass for your windows. With this glass, there is a coating on the interior of the glass to help control how much heat transfers through the panes.

Low-E glass is an ideal choice to block UV rays and excess heat from entering your home. You’ll need to pay a little more than standard glass to get it, though. 

Don’t Overlook Labor Costs

Every window replacement company will have different fee structures to cover the cost of labor. Generally speaking, you may spend as little as $100 per window for installation. But you could spend upwards of $300.

You may spend more for the disposal of an existing window. Before signing a contract, ask your window replacement company if there is a standard or hourly fee for this task. 

The location of your windows and ease of access will impact the total labor cost, as well. For example, replacing a window on the second floor may cost more. That’s because this type of replacement requires more time to access the opening safely. 

Similarly, more complicated installations may ratchet up the price. Large bay windows or skylights are among the most difficult windows to install. Windows with many glass panes are more complex, as are situations where the previous window openings are not a standard size. 

If you are replacing multiple windows, however, you may be able to get a better deal on the labor costs. It never hurts to ask what kind of deals are running with specific brands, either, to help lower your overall cost. In general, you’ll spend a few hundred dollars per window for a replacement. 

Know the Average Window Replacement Cost

The typical window replacement cost will vary depending on several factors, including the types of windows. You’ll also need to consider the frame and the window material. And, of course, don’t forget to add the cost of labor to your total costs. 

When you’re ready to replace your windows, contact us so we can help!

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