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Sliding Windows In Your Home

Sliding windows are an excellent choice for those looking to create a modern, clean look within their home. These versatile pieces of hardware can be set up either side-by-side or one above another depending on your specific need – all while providing easy access when you want it!

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Advantages of Sliding Windows

Because of their streamlined design and oversized glass panels, sliding windows have several advantages over other types of replacement windows:

They’re easy to use: Sliding windows typically glide on a roller, so they open and close easily, often with just the push of a finger.

They’re simple to clean: Most sliding windows feature panels that lift out completely, making them easy to clean.

They optimize natural light and outdoor views: Sliding windows typically have oversized glass panels that let in plenty of natural light and offer homeowners wide, unobstructed views.

They provide plenty of ventilation: Because of their streamlined design, most sliders open fully to let in fresh air. In some styles, panels can be opened simultaneously to promote better ventilation.

When Should You Choose a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows can bring a clean, elegant look to any room in your home, but they can be especially beneficial for certain spaces:

  • Small homes: Gliders can make smaller homes more spacious by creating an unobstructed view of the outdoors.
  • Low-ceilinged rooms: Because sliding windows are often lower and wider than traditional window designs, they’re ideal for rooms with low ceilings.
  • Low-ventilation areas: Because they open fully, sliding windows are a great choice for low-ventilation spaces, such as condos that only have front and rear windows.
  • Large spaces: Many sliding windows, especially those that feature three or four panels, have a wide design that brings balance and elegance to large spaces.

How Do You Know Which Window Style Is Best for Your Home?

Replacing your home’s windows is a big investment, so you’ll want to choose windows that suit your needs and your house’s style. It may be helpful to consider the following factors when choosing new windows:

  • Your home’s architectural style: Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or one of a kind, the windows you choose should coordinate with your home’s exterior and interior architecture.
  • The room’s dimensions: The windows you choose should always fit the scale of your rooms.
  • The purpose of the windows: The windows you choose should reflect their intended purpose, whether that’s weatherization, ventilation, or curb appeal. If you’re trying to frame a beautiful view, for example, picture windows may be the perfect option, whereas if you’re seeking privacy, you may want to choose windows featuring obscure glass.
  • Your personal style: Whether your style is quirky, traditional, or dramatic, the windows you choose should reflect your personal aesthetic as well as that of your home
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Horizontal Sliding Windows

When something stands the test of time, we call it a classic. Sliding windows have long been used in American homes for their ease of use and space-saving nature. Window King LA Imperial series sliders have improved on an American classic by reducing friction with a raised sliding rail, nylon roller housing, and metal wheels. Our Monorail system insures that only the wheels touch the frame to eliminate resistance. While competition uses plastic, Window King LA has integrated metal wheels to insure strength and prevent damage from debris that can collect on the track. Imperial sliders are engineered to provide a modern touch to an American classic.

The Benefits of Professional Window Installation

Whether the advantages of sliding windows are too good to resist or you’d rather opt for a more traditional double-hung style, your windows should be installed professionally. At Window King LA Window Company, we handle all aspects of your window purchase, from manufacturing to installation. Contact Us today for a free estimate.