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10 Questions to Ask Window Replacement Companies in Los Angeles

Are your windows in need of a replacement? When getting new windows, it’s best to put aside the DIY toolkit and let the professionals do the work. An assortment of window replacement companies in Los Angeles can make the job easy. The problem is finding the right one for you and knowing the right questions to ask.

You need to know about pricing, materials, the time frame, and how good the company is. You also want to ensure they have all their ducks in a row. Here are ten must-ask questions to fire at your window replacement companies in LA.

1. Ask About Detailed Pricing

Let’s not beat around the bush. One of the first things on anyone’s mind is the cost. For window replacement companies in Los Angeles, ask each one for detailed pricing.

You want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. How much is the window going to cost versus the installation or labor? These are essential questions that could make or break your decision.

Asking for a detailed pricing plan also gets rid of miscommunication. The company should be upfront with you about the cost breakdown. Armed with that information, you won’t get surprised by anything.

The last thing you want is to agree to a contract only to find all these extra costs you weren’t banking on. Don’t proceed until you’ve asked for detailed pricing.

2. The Materials Matter

This might sound strange to point out, but the materials matter. Not all windows are the same, and the same goes for what goes into installing them. Would you buy super expensive windows if the installer used cheap junk screws?

No one would feel comfortable with that. So one question always worth asking is about what kind of materials they use. Everything from the glass to the frame, screws and even caulking is fair game.

Cheap caulk is extra wrong since it might not even last a year from the installation. You should also ask if they use foam and what kind. Ask as many questions about the material, tools, and methods as you can.

Once they give you answers that satisfy you, make sure to hold them accountable. Call them out or switch companies if you notice them trying to use cheap alternatives. Don’t let them try to rip you over or charge you for unused materials.

If energy efficiency is important for you, make sure they use qualified windows.

3. Figure out Who Will Do the Work

Replacing windows isn’t as easy as you might think. Ask the window replacement company who will be doing the work.

Know how much experience they have. Often, you can start asking these questions before you even agree to anything. Many companies will offer free estimates as long as you let them take some measurements.

Ask the person doing the measuring if they’ll be the one installing the windows. If not, find out if the installer can come and take their own measurements to be safe. Don’t let someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing have a hand in your installation.

4. Get a Time Estimate

Window replacements take time. First, you need to measure everything and figure out what you want. You also need to give your installation company time to order the necessary materials.

There will be downtime while waiting for materials to arrive. For some projects, custom work might need to get made. You might get everything ready in a few days or weeks.

You need to ask about the time frame as soon as possible to have a rough idea. Remember that booking the service call and finding the time to do the installation is also a factor. Agreeing to the installation doesn’t mean the company will return the next day.

It’s worth considering how long the installation itself might last. This will vary depending on how many windows you have and the size of the company. A two-person crew could replace two windows in a single afternoon.

Replacing every window in your house might take that same crew a whole week. They say you can’t rush good work, but it’s still up to you to make the call. If you aren’t informed about how long everything could take, you can’t make the right call.

5. What You Might Need to Do

This is something everyone forgets to ask. You need to know exactly what you might need to do. Each case will be different, but there are things to consider.

For example, will you need to take time off work to be there physically? Do they need you to prepare or remove anything? This last one is extra vital for a variety of reasons.

It could be that the installers can’t get to a window because of an obstruction. An AC unit, blinds, curtains, or a kitchen table could be in the way. Many companies can take care of this kind of stuff for you, but there’s a caveat.

Sometimes they need your permission, especially if they need to take things apart. They don’t want to take responsibility for damaging your furniture. One company might ask you to clear the area before they arrive, while others have no problem doing that for you.

Each company is different, so it’s always worth asking. One thing that all good companies will ask you to do, however, is to remove any fragile valuables from the area.

6. Certification is Key

Ask them about their certification and training. Make sure everyone doing any actual work has the proper training and paperwork. You want to know that the company you’ve hired is using trained professionals.

Some companies don’t even use their own in-house staff. Instead, they subcontract the work. While this can still work and might be cheaper, it also runs a few risks.

For example, the sub-contractors might not be as good as you’d hoped. Also, that arrangement might cause issues if things go wrong. It could be a hassle for everyone involved to try to assign blame and recover costs so you can get a refund.

If you ask the company about their certification and staff choices, you avoid all that. You’ll know the caliber of professionals you’ll be working with, and you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands. If, after hearing about everything, it doesn’t sound right for you, then no harm, no foul.

You can always walk away before you commit to any contracts or pay any money.

7. Insurance is a Big Deal

The company you hire will deal with heavy sheets of glass, and they’ll use tools in your home. The margin for error might be slim for pros, but it’s still there.

If they drop a window and it shatters everywhere, who will clean that up? Imagine if someone gets injured. The right thing would be for the company to pay, but that becomes easier with insurance.

If the company you hire has good insurance, it becomes easy for them to swallow any costs, even if it’s their fault. You’ll never be in a situation where costs could get passed down to you. You’ll also have peace of mind that if they damage your home, they can pay for any damages with minimal issues.

8. Is There a Warranty?

This might be one of the biggest questions you can ask aside from pricing. Knowing exactly where things stand with regard to a warranty is a big deal. If there’s a fault in the window or the installation, you want to have coverage.

You don’t want to have to pay someone again in a few months when it gets rainy or cold. Most good companies offer some sort of warranty. If the work or materials are shoddy, the follow-up repair or replacement will be free.

Some companies also offer long-term warranties or guarantees that last decades. Each company will be different, and some might even charge for it. Asking upfront ensures that you’ll be in the know.

9. Ask About References

Window companies can sometimes feel a dime a dozen. A good way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to ask about their references. Get a feel for their past work right from the horse’s mouth.

If they don’t have much to say about their past work, that’s a red flag. Every good company should have a portfolio of success stories and positive reviews.

10. Inquire About the Company

This is one you need to ask for any company, but especially for new window companies. You need to get a feel for how long they’ve been around and what kind of company they are. This will make your decision easier and give you peace of mind.

Ask them what it’s like to work for that company and if they feel like they do good work. You’d think the answers would be obvious, but an honest person will always give it to you straight. If anything about the company strikes you as odd, trust us when we say there are better options.

Asking the Right Questions: Window Replacement Companies in Los Angeles

When it comes to window replacement companies in Los Angeles, you need to ask the right questions. This is how you ensure you pick the right one for your needs. Any window company worth their salt can answer these without trouble.

At Window King LA, we have your home covered. We have the experience and quality customer service to help with any window project. Contact us today!

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