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The Top Mistakes Made When Installing a Window

The glass insulation window market was worth $11.871 million last year, but insulation is not the only important part of having strong, robust windows on a property. 

You also have to consider the fitting structure and maintenance of your windows. Yet, sometimes, mistakes happen when installing a window.

So, what are the most common window installation mistakes? How can you avoid them with new windows? 

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Here are the most common mistakes to watch out for when placing different window styles and features. 

Not Accurate Measurements

When installing a window, you need to take careful and precise measurements. Otherwise, the panels and glass won’t fit correctly, and you’ll have to replace the entire structure. 

It’s common for small measurement mistakes but it can lead to severe issues if you don’t get the correct sizes at the beginning. You might have to choose different measurements depending on the property and space. 

Ideally, you want to hire a professional to take these measurements for you as they will have experience and knowledge of sizing window installations. As well as the size, the age of the house or property is also essential. 

For instance, older homes might need different requirements that modern buildings don’t require. Plus, some conditions, like dry rot, can also lead to holes that need to be filled. 

Therefore, it’s important to get a professional to take a look before getting a window replacement or installing a new window.

No Backslope

Windows needs to be carefully designed to withstand weather conditions, so you need a backslope. You should also ensure the window has a back dam to prevent moisture from leaking into the property. 

You don’t want to install a window without a backslope, as you’ll have to replace the structure and replace the entire frame later if you notice water leaking inside. 

This will cost money and time, so ensure that you have the backslope included in the initial designs, and you won’t have any problems. 

Bad Quality Flashing Tape

The flashing tape adherence is a minor feature that can significantly impact a new window installation if the quality isn’t good. You must clean the window frame of dirt, moisture, and debris. 

That way, the tape will have a firm and secure seal on the window. When choosing the flashing tape, you must consider the surrounding climate.

For example, if you live somewhere humid or wet, you want to pick a product that is suited to the weather conditions. If this is your first time installing a window, you might not realize that flashing tape is essential. 

So, whether you’re installing a window in a hot or cold environment, a professional can help you pick suitable materials for your window. 

Using Spray Foam for Gaps

Spray foam can be beneficial for sealing windows, but you must know what to look for when selecting a product. If you use poor-quality spray foam, you could cause cracks and damage to the window frame. 

If you attempt to install a window yourself, you can also cause a lot of mess with spray foam if you don’t know how to use it correctly. So, to avoid spray foam stains and marks, you should hire a professional to do it for you.

But, as long as you have the correct spray foam and method, it can be applied successfully for sealing vinyl windows and other window frames. 

So, when your new window is installed correctly, what other problems should you be aware of? 

Common Window Problems to Look Out For

Installing a window is only the first step to maintaining a nice-looking window frame; you also need to clean and look out for signs of molding. You must take action if you spot any black spots or damp areas. 

Molding And Rotting

Molding and rotting are more common on wood windows as this material is susceptible to water damage and dampness. However, warping can also be an issue when the wood expands and contracts in extreme temperatures. 

The best way to get rid of molding or warping is to call a professional who will advise you on the following stages of treating the issue. If a window has been installed incorrectly, you might need a whole replacement.

So, get expert advice when necessary if you see any discoloration or leaking coming from a window. 

Fog Windows 

Usually, a little condensation is common on windows when there’s been high temperatures or cold winter weather, but fogging can also be a sign of seal failure. 

Even though condensation is easy to remove if you have a cloth and wipe away the moisture, it can also indicate something more severe, like structural damage. 

If you can’t wipe away the moisture on a window, it might be seal damage, so you should call a professional.

Window Drafts

You shouldn’t have to sit in a room with drafts from the windows. If you’re cautious about energy bills and saving money on heating, the last thing you want is the heat to escape through a draft window. 

A constant draft is rarely a good sign with a newly installed window, so you mustn’t ignore it. So, if you feel cold temperatures circulating a property, it’s time to look at the window structure. 

If you solve the problem quickly, you won’t need to pay for enormous replacement costs when the seal becomes damaged or broken. 

Book a Professional When Installing a Window

No one looks forward to replacing a window, but things happen, and most of us have to replace a window structure at least once.

No matter if you’re looking for one or several window replacements, we can help. Our specialty is vinyl windows, and we use the best materials to secure your windows from weather damage and other issues. 

Contact us to make an appointment for your next window replacement, and we’ll ensure that you no longer have mold, drafts, or other problems in your daily life. 

Click here to talk to a member of the team. 

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